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The Breed

Let's drink to the reverend Jack Russell
a devonshire man of renown
from South Molten he came
and hunting his game
when he cast off his coller and gown

One day he journeyed to Oxford
to some business he had to attend
and when there one night
he bought a bitch that was white
it's from her that all Jack Russells descend

He started to by training his puppies
by letting out rats from a box
it made them keen
if you know what I mean
then later they were entered to fox.

Today's Russell is a little bit different
from the ones that were bred years ago
but their spirit's the same
they're still just as game
but sadly some are just kept for show

So what is the ideal Jack Russell
well an old friend of mine once told me
if it's for work they are bred
they need a wise head
and at that I am sure we agree

He likes his twelve inch at the shoulder
tricolour or brown and white
A chest you can span
wont bite woman or man
and he does'nt want one that will fight

So good luck to all who have Terriers
may they give you a sport that is rare
but when you unbox
and work up to your fox
be sporting
and play the game fair!

-by Mike Scott, Yeovil -
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